March 11, 2014: Another Tough, Cold, Animal Care Network Weekend

Team Marie, John and Marcella once again hit the streets on a brutally cold day to visit the dogs and cats.

They loaded up at 9:00 am and hit the streets until they finished every address on the list and then added some as well, the team was out until dark, visiting over 70 dogs and cats!

Unfortunately once again, most of the dogs were outdoors and the owners unwilling to bring them in.

Educate, educate, educate…. it does not always work, so the team begins their work. Doghouses stuffed with straw, bowls filled with food and water and much love and attention given to these poor outdoor dogs. Many dogs also got their extremely short chains lengthened.

As you can see, some dogs were jumping on to the bags of straw just to warm up their feet. Others were unable to move because their chains were either too short or tangled. Every dogs received a straw porch also to protect their feet a little better.

Again, these dogs all have doghouses, a little straw and some bowls lying around, so they are within the guidelines of Michigan State Law.

As much as we would love too, the teams cannot take all of these dogs, in this case nearly 70 in one day. We can only attempt to educate the owners, make the dogs warmer, full and more comfortable and try to get them fixed so they are not having litters in the doghouses!

Great job team!

March 11 2014 PicMonkey Collage

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