June 5, 2014: These Two Little faces

They were living in a closet with a mattress propped up against the door. Why? I don’t know, why is the earth square? It’s not. And asking why his dogs lived behind a closet door and mattress will get you an answer just as brilliant as the square earth. So don’t bother. This dude even made it clear he didn’t want anyone to know his real name. Well, ummm, now we know. Again, brilliant.

Scar was their daddy and Scar was one of our favorites. Followed him from Inkster where he had a yard and was only semi-chained to Detroit where he wound up always chained…and in a basement. The day he was surrendered was a very happy day, yet still we asked about 2 of the puppies who were sold, and at way too young of an age. He knew a neighbor eventually wound up with them and he was already worried.

The reason these 2 little faces weren’t ripped to shreds as dogfighting bait is a miracle and could really only have to do with laziness.

Their owner could never get to where he needed to be on time. So for weeks and weeks they sat in and out of that closet. In between visits to Scar’s daddy we would get concerned calls from him telling us that “the pups might be dead in there…” or that he is still working on getting the owner to let us in. The owner of these 2 was very protective of himself. (If you don’t want anyone suspecting you of anything it’s much better to just go ahead and give a name, any name, who knows the difference, and to just be friendly…right?)

Finally, thanks to the ongoing prodding of Scar’s old daddy, access was gained to the pups. It needs to be said that, even as he stood there knocking on the door, our friend looked visibly nervous, almost nauseous. But still, out of concern for these 2, there we were.

And so, after much talking and talking and talking we left with these 2 little faces. “They haven’t eaten for 3 or 4 days…” was the first and last words that came out of the owners mouth. Yeah ok that’s great we are sure you did the best that you could. Bye.

Due to the fact that the pups had never been outside let alone on a leash, coupled with the fact that ‘anything can suddenly change’ we flung the pooches over our shoulders and got away. Scar’s old daddy, and by now our friend, and I.

Tap Dancers. That’s what they were. They were tap dancers. Have you ever had a canine slumber party with tap dancers? If ever you should volunteer to simply foster for a 1-2 night sleepover, you might get the privilege. Even now writing this I find myself breaking out into a big grin and tears. Happy and grateful pups I have
seen plenty of times, this happy and grateful? No. Their long,long nails click click clicked all night long on the hardwood floor. And their swollen worm bellies and protruding ribs just tap danced until they passed out from, well, happiness.

– Mindy

Out of the closet and

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