June 3, 2014: The Cycle Continues

Remember our little Haunted family?
The mommy whose gentle face and gaunt body still haunt us to this day?

And then her babies started being surrendered:
‘Terrified Puppy’ along with a few siblings was surrendered next… all too terrified to function around people, animals or even objects for that matter. And remember the, ‘One Of Terrified Puppy’s Sisters’ story? The little girl who by some miracle didn’t stab herself in the throat with a nail while circling around and around chewing on her paw?

Yeah, that little Haunted family.

Another call. “Can’t deal with them. Too much work. They never leave the basement…there are 4 left can you come and get 3 of them?” Oh, and could they have some food. (Keeping at least 1 and needing food is the norm.)

Only 2 came up, one held by a back leg, from the dark basement where they had spent their entire pathetic lives. Skinny, terrified, and not willing to sit in the front even for the duration of their Starbucks whipped cream, they quickly settled in on the floor…smashed together one body on top of the other, trying to hide from the world that thus far had treated them so so bad.

So again, we get a litter in stages. The remaining puppy you ask? The remaining puppy is on the list to get neutered. If that’s all we can do, that’s the least we can do. However, we are rather optimistic that we will eventually receive the call. “It’s too much work. Can you come get him?” Be right there man for your no longer a cute puppy but rather completely mentally and physically screwed up dog.

And then we will have everyone from our little Haunted family.

The cycle continues

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