June 22, 2014: Rehoming Unneutered Animals

Check out these photographs of male pit bulls that are being “rehomed” on social media. Nothing like advertising their manhood and the fact that they are not neutered. Yes these dogs look very nice and cute, but a huge part of the pet overpopulation and the reasons these pets are being given away or sold could be potentially due to issues from NOT BEING FIXED!!!!!

Many male dogs are being rehomed, sold or given away due to behavioral issues from not being neutered.

Please consider getting your dogs and cats spayed and neutered before rehoming. Then a potential problem is not being passed along to the next person, hence the pet is given away once again.

All About Animals has a low-cost spay neuter clinic and has many specials, programs and transports available: 586-879-1745

Please check this very smart informative article from Cesar Millan

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rehoming unneutered pets

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