June 19, 2014: Greetings from the Dogs

The Animal Care Network team makes many friends along the way, being on the streets seven days a week in our target areas.

Thankfully many of the greetings we receive from the community are warm and thankful.

Then there are the dogs!!! No wonder the ACN rescue vehicles have so many scratches on them!

Here are some of our happy SPAYED AND NEUTERED four-legged friends that we have met along the way!!

Meet Coco, Boss, CeCe, Storm, Unique and Swoop!

We were on the other side of the street, noticed Unique and Swoop’s owner walking them, rolled the window down to say hello and they dragged the owner over to the van. OMG Unique jumped right through the window onto my lap!

Moral of the story, don’t ever leave your vehicle doors open and windows all the way down while saying hello to one of your four-legged friends from the community! Also expect to get your vehicle covered with happy dog nail marks!

We love you too!

June 19 2014 Greetings from the dogs

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