June 17, 2014: Summer is Upon Us

Well summer is here, which means heat stroke and other problems for many of the backyard, outdoor, chained dogs.

The ACN is out every single day doing wellness checks and passing out educational literature to pet owners and warning them about what the extreme heat can do to dogs and cats.

Besides lack of water, shade, and heat stroke we encounter skin conditions from unsanitary conditions and also the horrible “fly strike” which happens from flies literally feeding on the dogs ears and facial area and severe flea infestation.

We have already found dozens of dogs with no water or shade. We even had a phone call from a pet owner who took her dog for a two mile walk in 80 degrees and couldn’t figure out why he was breathing badly.

Please, please share these hot weather tips, the more people that read them the better.

Be aware of the temperatures and do not leave your animals outside in this heat.

If you see a dog or cat in trouble, please call your local animal shelter or animal control agency! It is better to be safe than sorry.

summer time problems

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