June 14, 2014: Imagine Living in This

These poor, chained, outdoor dogs. Not only do they live a life of isolation and neglect, hunger and thirst, but looks what happens to their “area” when it rains and storms.

Imagine living in this, it is just awful for them and to top it off, the chains were stuck in the mud too.

Unfortunately it is not illegal to chain up your dog in the mud, therefore the team does the best that they can to speak with the owners and to put straw down to soak up this disgusting muddy, rancid water. They pretty much have to go to the bathroom in their “area” which makes it even worse because it rarely gets cleaned up in many situations.

God Bless these poor dogs for enduring this lifestyle for year after year.

The ACN team will be back to visit very soon and maybe someday we will be able to rescue them, that is our hope!

chained brown dog 1 chained brown dog 2 chained brown dog 3

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