June 11, 2014: April’s Monthly Spay and Neuter Transport

Once again, another successful spay and neuter transport in collaboration with All About Animals Rescue and the Michigan Animal Rescue League.

Thanks to this wonderful partnership, we were able to get 42 dogs and cats spayed and neutered for pet owners in our target areas!!

We are able to continue this vital, life saving program in our target area with funding from your donations and private grants.

The Animal Care Network has been doing these monthly spay and neuter transports once a month and are thrilled to have a full schedule each and every time!

The dogs and cats are dropped off at the All About Animals Auburn Hills location and then transported to their Warren facility where they have their surgery, spend the night to recover and are transported back to the Auburn Hills location for discharge and pick up.

Thank you to All About Animals for their amazing, patient and thorough care and treatment of the animals from the check in, to the transport drivers to the entire veterinary team and back to the discharge team.

Seriously, this team is incredible. Imagine, checking in 40 dogs and cats and then transporting them safely and humanely to the Warren clinic. Then you have the veterinary team that checks over EVERY SINGLE cat and dog and if anything else is needed or of concern, they call. Then the next morning, the one of a kind transport drivers, Mark and Bill, load them all up safely and bring them back to Auburn Hills.

The check out team (Kathy and Deb) go over every single post surgery issue that is possible and are so thorough and informative.

The Animal Care Network is thankful and blessed to have this program and partnership with All About Animals and the Michigan Animal Rescue League!

If we do not continue to approach spay and neuter aggressively
then we are not doing our part!!!



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