July 8, 2014: Cat Rescue

These four beautiful friendly cats were abandoned and left behind when the owners moved.

They were left in this box. How disgusting is this?

Whatever happened to taking them to an animal shelter or calling someone to pick them up? Isn’t it not better for them to be safe at an animal shelter? In our target animals left behind or let go are very much at risk of many things worse than death!

All three animal shelters in Oakland County, Oakland County Animal Care Center, Michigan Animal Rescue League and the Michigan Humane Society are wonderful shelters that do their best to find homes for each and every animals. So many people nowadays are so negative about animal shelters, could that be why people just leave these animals behind to fend for themselves?

If you walk through any one of these shelters, they are all completely full of dogs, cat, puppies and kittens up for adoption!!!

Thank you to the Michigan Animal Rescue League for taking these deserving cats. Here they will be well cared for and spayed and neutered before adoption just like they would at the other two shelters!!!

July 8 2014 cat rescue

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