July 6, 2014: Spay and Neuter Success

Meet Josh, the owner of Angel and Debo. Josh fell on hard times and really needed help with dog food…but….Angel and Debo were not fixed!

The Animal Care Network explained the food assistance program and he agreed to get them both fixed in order to qualify.

Both dogs and cats must be spayed and neutered in order to receive assistance. We have to have guidelines, just like any other assistance program!

The ACN provided financial assistance to get the dogs fixed and vaccinated.

Well Josh got back on his feet and then acquired two more dogs that were dumped by someone he knew. He immediately called ACN to get them both spayed and neutered, just in case he needed our help down the road. So Blue and Missy got fixed and up to date on shots too!

Moral of the story: GET YOUR DOGS SPAYED AND NEUTERED!!!!!

You never know when you may need assistance help down the road.

Many of us fall on hard times these days and it is better to be prepared isn’t it!!!

July 6, 2014 spay and neuter success

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