July 31, 2014: Groundhog Rescue

Animal Care Network weekend team rescues groundhog from heat stroke!!!

It is very important for the Animal Care Network volunteers to be aware of their surroundings and at all times have their ears and eyes open. You never know what is in the yard, garage, shed or at the house next door or behind.

At one address Marie heard a faint scratching, digging noise that alarmed her. Well sure enough she pursued the noise and found a groundhog lying on it’s side, overheating, desperately trying to get out of the trap and free himself. They had no idea how long he had been in there.

The volunteers immediately took him to a nearby wooded area where they released him and he scampered off as happy as could be!

Great job once again team!

All creatures, great and small, we love them all!
They are all God’s creatures!

July 31 2014 groundhog rescue

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