July 30, 2014: Late Night Puppy Rescue

The Animal Care Network dispatch phone rings constantly, morning, noon, night and middle of the night.

Recently we have been averaging 70 calls EVERY SINGLE DAY for rescue, spay neuter, vaccines, assistance, advice, medical and many other issues.

Thankfully ACN has eyes and ears all over the place and many citizens will call when they witness any abuse or cruelty in their areas.

One night we received a call from a concerned citizen in a project apartment complex. A puppy had been thrown out the window and his life threatened by the owner, they heard this altercation and were very alarmed.

These good Samaritans sprung into action in this not so safe
neighborhood!! In the dark, they found the puppy and took him into their apartment for safety until ACN got there.

Thanks also to Angie for going immediately to pick up Duke, this mixed puppy with a fabulous personality and temperament! Can’t imagine what he did to deserve getting thrown out a window and a death threat. Luckily he sustained no injuries and he was since vaccinated, neutered and adopted thanks to our friends at the Michigan Animal Rescue League.


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