July 3, 2014: More Spay and Neuter Success

The Animal Care Network team does not give up trying to convince people to get their animals fixed.

We even offer transportation and financial assistance in our target areas.

We had been trying to get Tyson and Nemo neutered for years. Andrea wanted to get it done, but of course the male friend was refusing for obvious “manly” reasons which we are very tired of hearing. The dogs were also beginning to get into male dog scuffles which can really escalate into horrible fights.

The ACN had already had Andrea’s dog spayed and many cats fixed for her that she has rescued off the streets.

In order to qualify for food assistance ALL ANIMALS IN THE HOUSEHOLD must be spayed and neutered, both dogs and cats, males and females. Andrea’s male friend was doing nothing but preventing Andrea from getting the assistance that she needed and deserved for her animals.

Well guess what, the man departed from the scene and left Andrea with the dogs, so what did she do? Called ACN to get them neutered!! Yay Andrea!

Andrea had no transportation, so we took her and two very feisty boys to All About Animals in Warren to get them fixed and vaccinated.

We were able to do this at no charge thanks to your donations and private grants!

July 3 2014 Tyson Nemo

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