July 28, 2014: A.C.N. Weekend

Team Marie, John, Jenn and Tracy hit the streets the entire day Sunday!!!

The teams made over 60 stops and visited well over 100 dogs and cats!!!!

Thanks to Team Marie, John, Jenn and Tracy for being out on the streets from morning until evening, even after the horrible thunderstorm started!

All backyard dogs were checked to make sure they had food and water, as you can see many of the dogs were happily awaiting their arrival.

Good thing that some of these addresses were checked because some of the dogs were tangled and would not have been able to reach their doghouses during the storm.

As we all know, sadly it is not illegal to chain your dog outside and thousands of the dogs we visit live like this.

Every single pet owner was given a packet which includes educational information about the ACN guidelines, outdoor pets, the heat, flies, parvo, vaccines and every single owner is talked to about proper and humane care of these animals.

Many of the owners were assisted with dog and cat food which can only continue if the animals are spayed and neutered.

Many of the dogs received much needed water and fly strike treatment which as you can see they very much enjoy.

Great job team!!!

PONTIAC 7-27-14 2 PONTIAC 7-27-14 4 PONTIAC 7-27-14 5 PONTIAC 7-27-14 6

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