July 27, 2014: Bruzer Update

Six months ago, the Animal Care Network received a call regarding Bruzer, an eight year old male pit bull that really had a bad skin condition going on.

Bruzer was not neutered, so Animal Care Network offered to have him fixed and have the skin checked out at the same time. His owner Edye agreed.

Bruzer’s skin was just awful at this time, swollen, puss filled and even bloody in some spots, his coat looked terrible and he was itchy and miserable. Transportation was also provided to get him to the veterinarian and back home.

Bruzer was neutered and thanks to our friends at Ross Hospital his skin was treated and needed long term medication and baths which we were able to provide for him.

Bruzer is doing so much better, his coat looks shiny and glossy black and the swelling has all gone away.  His little feet still look somewhat funny, so his owner puts plastic bags on them when he goes outside to the bathroom.

Edye loves this dog, who was previously her mom’s dog.  When Edye’s mom passed away, Edye did the right thing and took Bruzer into her home. He is very much loved and very well taken care of, she just needed a little assistance, which is what we are there for right?

Even though donations and funding is very low, we still try to go above and beyond when we are able.

Please donate to our program so that we may help more pet owners like Edye and dogs like Bruzer!


Pictures from six months ago and now!

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