July 24, 2014: ACN Heartfelt Assistance

Since we have known many families and their pets for so many years, many of them call upon the ACN for advice, help, assistance and sympathy during difficult times.
With aging senior animals and not wanting them to suffer we try to honestly give the owners all of their options

And yes, we will be there for them, no matter what. Often times, we have to help people make the difficult decision of having their pets humanely put to sleep when the time has
come. They just need someone to talk to, cry with and assist them due to financial, transportation or medical reasons.

So here we are, and we have helped so many owners make this difficult decision, always with compassion for them and their dogs and cats.

Here are two of our recent losses, Sugar and Max, very much loved by Bobbie Sue, Roberto, Brian and Lori.

Thanks to the wonderful, compassionate veterinarians and shelters that we work with, we are able to have these animals humanely and lovingly put to sleep.

As a gesture of kindness and sympathy afterwards, the ACN always takes a picture of the owners with their beloved pet, has it framed and puts a small lock of hair in the frame.

This is magic to them and very unexpected.

July 24, 2014 acn heartfelt assistance

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