July 23, 2014: Spay Neuter and Sometimes a Little Extra

The advantages to having some pretty awesome veterinarians to partner and work with for the greater good of the animals are numerous!!

Here are a few examples:

As you know, the Animal Care Network’s priority is rescuing dogs and cats out of bad situations and spay and neuter!!!

In some cases, we run across dogs and cats that may have other issues going on, but DEFINITELY need to be fixed! So we try to accommodate both! Remember we do not have a medical fund but always try to work something out if we are able at the time of spay and neuter!

Mia looked like she had a million litters, her skin was bad and infected and she had not been to the vet in a while. Jenny had got her back from a family member in this condition and immediately called for help! Mia went in that week to be spayed, vaccinated and treated for her skin condition. She was in pretty rough shape so Ross Hospital was kind enough to keep her for a couple of nights to recover. Mia is now doing wonderful and looks great!

Precious’s owner called when her ear swelled up. Just an opinion, this did not happen overnight! Her owners agreed to get her spayed in order to have the ear issue taken care of, she had never been to the vet. Precious was also taken to Ross Hospital where she
was spayed, vaccinated and her ear was treated. The other ear was also on the way to the same condition the swollen one had.

Precious is on the road to recovery now and we will continue to monitor the situation.

A giant thank you to Ross Hospital for Animals for their continued support for the community spay neuter program and for ALWAYS going the extra mile for these dogs and cats that may never see a vet again.

We couldn’t do it without you guys!!!!!


July 23, 2014 spay neuter and sometimes a little extra

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