July 21, 2014: Loss of One of Our Favorite Outreach People – Diane

The Animal Care Network has known Diane for nearly 15 years.

Diane was a huge animal lover in one of the subsidized complexes in our target area. We met her years ago when we had her two little Pomeranians Loretta and FeeBee spayed for her. She also rescued three cats from the complex that we also had fixed for her.

Diane’s love of animals was so evident, she was constantly rescuing dogs and cats and calling upon the ACN to pick them up. Over the years she probably rescued over 100 dogs and cats.

She saved up her $10.00 for each annual vaccination clinic so that she could get her dogs and cats vaccinated and we always had the courier service pick her and her beloved pets up to get them taken care of.

She even fed the squirrels outside her apartment, I witnessed them waiting outside her door to get some peanuts, which she always bought out of her tiny monthly income.

The ACN helped her with dog and cat food over the years. Diane was a very sensitive and sad soul, whatever she went through in her life, you could see it in her face. She adored her pets, they were her pride and joy.

Diane passed away in her sleep last month. She wanted the ACN to make sure that her dog and three cats were taken care of if anything happened to her. We know that her mom took her big white cat “Whitey” (yes he needed to be on a diet) and a friend took her calico cat that we just had spayed just a week before she passed away.

We do not know what happened to her little dog and her black
cat. They were given away to someone and we were unable to find out where. We just hope and pray that they are safe and loved, because that is all Diane wanted.

God Bless you Diane, may heaven bring you peace and solace.

You are missed in your little corner of the world!


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