July 18, 2014: Dutchess

Dutchess may have been treated like a Dutchess in her earlier days, but certainly not in her senior years.

Not that the owners did not have good intentions, they just did not have any money period and never reached out for help.

In the meantime, Dutchess’ skin condition worsened, turning into a feverish, bloody, itchy, dermatitis mess and her nails continued to grow and curl under.

We have known Dutchess for many years, she has been passed from home to home, probably over 20 different places that we know of, but she managed to survive, miraculously, most dogs in our target area don’t live past a few years.

ACN had her spayed six years ago, finally, after having multiple litters, we were finally able to convince her owners to get her fixed. Very cool dog, Dutchess has been around longer than most.

Her real owners left the state and left Dutchess with friends. We had stopped by their to check on her six months ago but were told that she was doing fine.

Well last month ACN was called to please come and get Dutchess, they had to move quickly and had no where to go.

ACN picked up this old, white faced, senior dog and was pretty disgusted with her condition, but as the family was crying, didn’t want to be too cruel. We asked, why didn’t you call us for help sooner, why didn’t you take her to one of the local walk in clinics. In six months, someone could have done something, couldn’t they?

So we loaded up Dutchess, took her to the vet, where she had a fever, ears swollen shut, serious skin infection, heartworm positive and damage to the heart. No, heartworm treatment is not recommended at this point.

We are looking for a foster or adoptive home for Dutchess and many other dogs just like her. Dutchess does not do well with other dogs or cats.

Please call Chris at 248-545-5055 if you would like to foster or adopt!

July 18 2014  Dutchess

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