July 11, 2014: Geese Patrol at the Storage Unit

There are a bunch of Canadian geese that hang out by our storage unit. This spring the female decided to lay her eggs right next to the driveway into the complex in a hole. Not the safest place with traffic coming and going and a loading dock right next door.

But of course, she had her body guards! These other geese protected her like we have never seen. Even if we slowed down to take a picture they would actually get very cocky and upset and start to chase our cars away. They guarded the area around her so valiantly.

I wish I had some body guards like this!! These guys do not mess around!

So we watched the body guards protect her until the eggs hatched, then watched them protect her with her little ones. It was very interesting and cool to watch!

Sadly only two survived and we wish the best for this little family.

Remember, they may be annoying, but they are also God’s creatures aren’t they?

Geese Patrol

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