July 11, 2014: Bowser

Bowser’s owner just moved to our target area and had no idea if and what programs were available for animals.

The owners were struggling financially and really needed some
guidance and assistance, so they stopped at the local animal shelter, Michigan Animal Rescue League and boy were they glad they did!!! Bowser was not neutered and had no vaccines.

MARL heard their story, took down the information and set the wheels in motion by relaying the info to the Animal Care Network.

ACN made a visit to the house and explained the program to the owners and made arrangements for them to bring Bowser to the upcoming All About Animals Pontiac vaccine clinic that weekend, which they did!!

For $10.00 they got Bowser’s shots updated, they could not believe it! Next step NEUTER!!!!!!

Thanks to our amazing friends at Ross Hospital for Animals and a spay and neuter grant, Bowser was neutered at no charge.
Transportation was provided to get him to the veterinarian and back home. They also helped with a medical condition that Bowser had while he was at the clinic being fixed!

The Animal Care Network has been partnering with Ross Hospital for over 20 years and they are simply amazing, patient, compassionate and accommodating.

Since this is an outreach and community service, things are not always normal for the dogs and cats that Ross assists us with. We are always running into special cases and special situations with the dogs and cats and Ross does their best to assist with whatever they can.

We would not be able to help the animals in our target area nearly as much without their assistance and invaluable service.

Thank you to Dr. Ross, Dr. Mazzuchi, Cindy, Kelly, Jenny, Jennifer and all of the staff! These guys are the best!!!

July 11 2014 Bowser

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