July 10, 2014: Henry and Roscoe – Spay and Neuter Efforts

The Animal Care Network had been trying to persuade Henry to get Roscoe neutered for two years.

In order to qualify for our food assistance program ALL of the dogs and cats in the household must be spayed and neutered. The ACN offers financial assistance
and transportation so that there ARE NO EXCUSES not to have this done.

Many people say “I don’t have any money” or “I have no way of getting him to the vet”. NOT TO WORRY, ACN WILL DO ALL THE WORK!

Henry really needed help with food and once again we laid down the ACN law and Henry had a complete turnaround!

He wanted Roscoe neutered! So we immediately made an appointment before he changed his mind again!

Roscoe, a very grouchy guy we might add, was transported to Ross Hospital where he was neutered! Thank you Ross Hospital for your patience and care with even the grumpiest of them all!

Transport has to be provided for ALL animals, even the aggressive and unsocial dogs and cats. They especially need to be spayed and neutered. These guys must be handled very carefully and very patiently for everyone’s safety.

Both Henry and Roscoe did very well (LOL) and now we can assist them with dog food when they need help!


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