July 10, 2014: Animal Care Network Rescue Max

While on a routine ACN run, volunteers noticed a dog in a back yard that was not very visible and jotted the address down to be checked soon.

After going back to the address, the team found a very skinny Bull Mastiff outside with no apparent food, water or shelter and no one at home. The neighbor behind stated that she had been giving him food and buckets of water.

The Animal Care Network team is very thorough and adamant about doing rechecks on the animals that we are concerned about.  Many times the situation has improved, many times it has not and that is the reason for rechecking EVERYTHING!!

Thankfully, we did a follow up and Max was surrendered to the team because the owner was no longer able to keep Max and they were moving. We are so thankful we stopped back to check on him, Lord knows where he may have ended up if given away or sold to the wrong person.

Max will be neutered as soon as he gains weight and then adopted out very carefully. There are already several people interesting in adopting this very nice guy!

Another great job team!!

july 10 2014 Max

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