January 5, 2014: Animal Care Network on the Streets During Snowstorm

Another huge thank you to Dawn and Sue for venturing out Sunday from morning until dark to check on outdoor dogs and cats during the winter storm warning!

They delivered lots more straw to outdoor dogs and convinced (sad that we have to convince people) many people to bring the dogs inside immediately.

The ACN does a lot of rechecks on dogs and today was a perfect day for a recheck on “Oreo” whom we have been checking on for over a year. He has always been in bad shape
but today was particularly upsetting. You could see his bones and his feet and tail had frostbite. Dawn and Sue were able to get an owner surrender on him and tonight he is snuggled on a warm blanket, “inside” with a fully belly and some fresh “unfrozen” water. More than anything he wanted water. This made the entire day worthwhile. We don’t think this dog has spent a night inside, but he sure does like it!!

These girls are diehard volunteers, they battled through the miserable, unplowed, unsalted streets to finish their list and at the end of the day, soaking wet and cold, both still had big smiles on their faces. Unbelievable!

Many, many dogs are cats were made warmer, safer and more comfortable today thanks to these two!!!

Do we have the best volunteers or what???

January 5 2014 PicMonkey Collage

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