January 4, 2014: Bravo to the Weekend Teams

A big thanks to the teams that were out all weekend long checking on dogs and cats left out in the extreme weather.

Also thanks to Channel 7, WXYZ reporter Kim Russell who rode along with the team for a while to see how the weather affects these poor outdoor animals!

Also a big thank to our friend Ronnie Dahl for continuing to report on the pets during the bad weather.

Kathy and Heather were out all day long checking on animals, delivering straw, food and water.

We were happy to report that “some” dogs were brought inside but also very unhappy to report that some upsetting situations were found. These addresses will be reported to animal control.

Every dog house that we see is checked, even these suspicious set ups. Thankfully there were no dogs in it.

As always, all owners were spoken to and urged to bring their dogs and cats inside!

Great job team!!!

Jan 4 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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