January 30, 2014: Animal Care Network Weekend Runs

The ACN had three teams out this past weekend in the brutal cold and frigid wind chills.

Marie and John’s team hit the streets from 9:00 am until dark, making thirty stops and assisting almost eighty dogs. They were also joined by new volunteers Damien and Jen who were awesome! Three vehicles were loaded with supplies and off went the ACN caravan!

Even though there were some dogs that were inside at the time of the visits, sadly many were still outside struggling to stay warm.

The team delivered doghouses, put houses on pallets, delivered a lot of straw and food and continued to educate and talk to owners about the dangers of the extreme weather on outdoor pets. It is pretty disturbing to the team when there are absolutely NO footprints in the snow leading to the doghouse.

Every dog was given bowls of food and water, every doghouse was completely filled with straw and every owner was asked to bring the dogs inside!!!

Thanks team for once again getting every address done and making dozens of dogs warm, comfortable and full if even for a little while.

Again, we ALWAYS ask, plead and encourage everyone to bring their dogs and cats indoors. We also offer rescue of any and every animal. Unfortunately we do not have the legal authority to just take an animal. We do report bad addresses to animal control. They have the legal authority to take an animal.

January 30 2014 PicMonkey Collage

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