January 26, 2014: ACN Play By Play of One ACN Weekend Address

All of the animals break our hearts when they are living in bad conditions, being neglected. Its breaks our hearts when we have to walk away from them knowing that they are cold, even though we have done our best to make them warmer and fuller and happier.

This is one of those dogs. Most dogs run to greet the teams even if it a new address. This guy would not even come out of his doghouse he was so cold. His house was surrounded by snow, freezing ice. The wind chill was beyond frigid. He did not want to move, nor did he want to touch his feet to the ground.

Nothing that Marie cannot handle! She made a thick layer of straw around his entire doghouse and slowly she encouraged him to come out so she could fill his house with fresh, dry straw. He ventured out and she filled up his doghouse, filled up his food and water bowl and gave him a big rawhide, some love and kind words.

Marie was not leaving this address without filling this doghouse with straw and this big red pit bull was so glad that he decided to come out of the house for her.

Sadly, we cannot force people to bring their dogs inside. This guy was just one of many that will live outside 24/7 for their entire lives. We can only make their lives better for a moment.

As we all know, every dog deserves so much more.

Thanks to Marie for making this guy’s day better!

“I will be back” she said.

January 26 2014 PicMonkey Collage

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