January 22, 2014: Dave Coleman Receives a New Trailer

I got to be there when Dave Coleman was given a brand new trailer by these awesome, generous people at Clyde’s Frame Shop on Cesar Chavez in Pontiac, right in the very community that Dave Coleman serves!

Dave was expecting a replacement trailer like his old one that was stolen, BUT was astonished when they showed him the 20 foot shiny new enclosed beautiful trailer from Clyde’s owners Bob and Gary Spurgeon.

This is a perfect story about the good that comes out in people when they hear of bad deeds that are committed and the blessings that can follow!

This was amazing to witness! Channel 7 WXYZ and the Oakland Press were there, along with the Clyde’s crew and some of Dave Coleman’s local fans. We got to meet some pretty great people!

A more deserving friend Dave Coleman, I cannot imagine.

Bigger hearts, Clyde’s and their crew, I cannot imagine

Now this was a nice heartwarming way to start the day!

Oakland Press

Channel 7

January 22 2014 PicMonkey Collage

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