January 2, 2014: Animal Care Network Teams Out Getting Ready for the Snow

It is a good thing the teams have been out everyday delivering straw and checking on dogs and cats in trouble.

The volunteers always have their eyes open for animals in need and the team just happened to be at the right place at the right time when Marie noticed this very cold and hungry orange kitten trying to get through the snow to a tipped over garbage can that he probably thought would serve as a safe place to get out of the snow and maybe even find something to eat. Perfect timing!

Marie was able to rescue him and got him into a carrier in the nice warm ACN van. He was ravenous! Thank you to the Michigan Animal Rescue League for squeezing him to their
already full shelter!!

Lots of straw was delivered as well as several doghouses to replace leaking ones, doghouses were put on pallets and repaired. All dogs were fed and watered, all owners were spoken to and all addresses were left with educational literature packets.

As you can see in the one picture, the dog next door is impatiently awaiting the team to come and visit him. Also all dogs are very happy to receive a nice big rawhide to carry around very proudly for a few minutes and then give them something to do for awhile after the team leaves.
As always, we encourage all owners to bring their pets inside, especially in this severe weather, but for the ones that do not, we can only make their situation warmer and more comfortable.
Great job team!!!

January 2 2014PicMonkey Collage

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