December 19, 2014: Late Night Life Saving

Life can be very tough for many of the dogs and cats in our target area, sadly so many are neglected, abused and live outside and it doesn’t seem to affect the owners at all.

But then you run into some really great kids like the two teenage boys and their mom in this story.

Luckily the Animal Care Network has quite a name out in the community so the dispatch phone rings 24/7.

Angelita called at 10:00 pm after putting out a plea on facebook looking for our number! Her son was on his way home from McDonalds and saw something lying in the middle of the road, barely moving.  These guys stopped and realized it was a dog, nearly frozen and starved to death.  The temperature was in the teens at the time and this dog was in trouble.  They quickly scooped him up, took him home and had their mom call ACN (get back out of bed and back on the road)   This family warmed him up, offered him a little food and water and held him until the rescue van got there to pick him up. A few more hours and this friendly dog may have died.

Dogs in this condition can easily freeze to death!

We are thankful to the Michigan Animal Rescue League who is in the process of nursing “Rudolph” back to health and spoiling him rotten.  What a grateful and thankful dog this is, believe it or not, he only weighed 28 pounds when rescued, absolutely inexcusable, this is an adult Labrador Mix.

For those of you wondering if we looked for the dogs owner, he was not claimed during the stray hold, nor was anyone looking for him, he was dumped or “let go”, because that is what happens most of the time in our target area.

Angelita send us a message checking up on Rudolph and said “My heart hurts for him. God bless you for ALL you do, please keep us posted.  God blessed me with a good hearted son!”

Many thanks to this family and for MARL for taking him in!!!

late night life saving rescue

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