January 14, 2014: Bubba’s Story

At the October 2013 Pontiac vaccination clinic, the weather was not so nice, it was raining, blowing and cold.

A pick up truck pulled up with a litter of Rottweiler puppies in the back, soaking wet and shaking. The team quickly surrounded the truck getting the puppies out from
the rain, getting them vaccinated and drying them off with towels. (Yes, the owners were also scolded). Amongst this litter was a extremely skinny, very lethargic puppy that just
looked awful, he did not look good at all, his face and head was swollen. The owner said the father dog had bit the puppy, we just didn’t know for sure, what we did know was that
he looked BAD. We didn’t give the owner much of a choice but to surrender this puppy!!! We then called upon the Michigan Animal Rescue League for help. Katherine came immediately to pick the puppy up and he was taken to the vet. “Bubba” as she named him,
was very sick with a very serious puppy virus. Katherine took over this little guy immediately, fostering him, caring for him, taking him back and forth to the vet and basically saving his life. He was touch and go for awhile there!

Bubba came back and forth to work with his foster mom and learned to love everybody, including people, dogs and kittens.  Katherine worked wonders with him. After over a month in foster, Bubba was given a clean bill of health, neutered and went home with
an amazing volunteer and previous adopter Tracy and her family who had been patiently waiting for Bubba!

Please enjoy Bubba’s progress as much as we did!!!
Thank you to Katherine, MARL and Tracy and her family!

On a side note: the rest of the litter was being sold by the owner, who also had the mother and father. The ACN team is still working on them to get the parents spayed and neutered
for free. From what we know, many of these puppies did not get very good homes, so we are extremely happy that we got Bubba that day!

January 14 2014 PicMonkey Collage

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