January 13, 2014: ACN – Wooden Pallets are Essential

The ACN is very thorough when checking on dogs that are living outside.

We are adamant about their doghouses being drilled on to wooden pallets for many
reasons. We also drill some screws to hold the doghouse together from the top
to the bottom because these poor dogs that live outside 24/7 are very hard on these

The dogs that are living on chains will repeatedly just knock them over, many times
they end up out of their reach

The doghouses fill up with rain, snow and ice and will not keep the dogs warm and dry

The bottom will freeze to the ground and will not keep them warm

This is another reason we do not just give doghouses to people, we must deliver them
to the address so that they are properly set up and a relationship can be formed with
the owner.

Here are a few examples of what happens when a house is not on a pallet, platform or
elevated off the ground.

The one dogs house had completely filled up with rain water and mud yet he was
still going in it for shelter. His feet, legs and belly were completely infected from the
nasty dirty doghouse. (Yes, we were able to rescue him)

January 13 2014 PicMonkey Collage

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