February 7, 2014: Another Great Job by Animal Care Network and Oakland County Animal Care Center

Bailey the black Labrador escaped out of the house by accident and was found running, got picked up by Oakland County Animal Control and was taken to the shelter. Bailey was not neutered and was not wearing any identification.

The owners were located and needed some help. The family did not have any transportation at the time so Oakland County called ACN for some assistance.

After discussion with the owners. who have had Bailey for 6 years, they desperately wanted him neutered and back home. They had been unable to afford getting this super friendly, energetic guy fixed.

Bailey was picked up from the Oakland County Animal Care Center by Animal Care Network and taken to the vet to be neutered. He spent the night to recover and was taken back home to his family the next day neutered, vaccinated, licensed and with a new collar and leash.

Oakland County Animal Control & Pet Adoption Center went above and beyond to get this dog fixed and back home to his owners and made yet another story have a happy ending! They worked with the owners and our organization to make this happen.

The family was extremely happy to get Bailey back and was very appreciative for the assistance and for the effort that was made to get this all done.

Very great teamwork!


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