February 5, 2014: Another Cold, Busy Weekend for the ACN

Thank you to team Kathy and Heather that were out from morning until 5:00 braving the streets to check on dogs and cats. They spent all day delivering straw, food, checking on outdoor animals and talking to owners about the extreme weather and how dangerous it is for dogs and cats.

At one address they found four abandoned, they called upon Oakland County Animal Control who came immediately and were able to rescue them. Three of the dogs were left in a garbage filled garage, these officers spent hours getting them out of there. Great job, good work Oakland County Animal Control!

These dogs are now safe and warm with food, water and blankets. A step up from freezing and starving in the subzero weather, wouldn’t you say?

And last but not least, the last address of the day, Kathy and Heather rescued a starving, hypothermic puppy that was simply put in the garage because the people were allergic to her and didn’t want her anymore. Not a second thought! She would have died within a few days had Kathy and Heather not gone to that address. The puppy was surrendered.

This adorable puppy (Mary) is now doing great in a foster home! She was given a nice warm bath, her head and body covered with nasty scabs and sores. Every bone on her little body was showing, her front legs damaged from malnutrition and extremely dehydrated.

Mary is now warm, eating and drinking and following her foster mom everywhere. She is on the road to recovery and will not be available for adoption for several weeks to a month.

Thanks again to everyone involved in this productive, life saving day!

February 5 2014 PicMonkey Collage

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