February 24, 2014: Bruzer

ACN met Bruzer after his owner called for help. Bruzer was not neutered and had a pretty nasty skin condition.

Unfortunately the ACN does not have a medical fund, so we talked to his owner about getting him neutered and having the veterinarian look at his skin while at the vet being fixed! She agreed.

That week Bruzer was neutered and because of that good decision, the veterinarian diagnosed his skin condition and he is now being medically treated for it.

When we first saw Bruzer, he was red, itchy, swollen and very inflamed and infected.

He is now neutered and recovering very well. His swelling iis completely gone and he has a nice shiny black coat.

Even thought the owner claimed that they were not breeding Bruzer, we still thought it necessary to get him fixed for health and temperament reasons. Also as we all know in animal welfare, it only takes a minute for an “accident” to happen if he were to ever get loose or if a female dog came to visit.

Look at Bruzer’s before and after pictures. His owner is extremely happy and appreciative!

Great job team and thank you to Ross Hospital for Animals once again for coming to the rescue!

February 24 2014 PicMonkey Collage

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