February 22, 2014: Michigan Humane Society Sterlization Partnership with ACN

A very big thank you once again to the Michigan Humane Society for including the Animal Care Network in Round Three of the free sterilization spay neuter program for pit bulls.

The Animal Care Network is very fortunate to have been chosen as one of the rescue/spay neuter groups to participate in this vital, lifesaving program. This is the third year that we have partnered with MHS to get more owned pit bulls in our target areasspayed and neutered and vaccinated.

Every single pit bull that get fixed is critical to reach everyone’s goal of No More Homeless Pets and decrease the overpopulation.

This breed is populating shelters and rescue groups everywhere! They are being bred both intentionally and “accidentally”, being passed from home to home, running the streets, being abandoned, being given away and sold on craigslist and social media.

Please don’t adopt out, give away or rehome any pit bull, pit bull mix, (puppy or adult) or for that matter any dog that is not spayed or neutered!!!

Spaying and neutering is critical to stop the cycle!!

February 22 2014 MHS PITBULL PROGRAM 2-2014

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