February 16, 2014: In Celebration of February Being Spay/Neuter Month

The Animal Care Network takes on many challenges while on the streets in our target areas. Many of them take not only a lot of effort, time, patience but can be very taxing emotionally and physically!!

One address in particular definitely needed immediate intervention before things became completely out of control!

We came across a family with 9 small dogs and 9 cats, all living inside, all fed and watered, all very much loved BUT only 2 of the dogs and 2 of the cats were fixed. OMG WHAT? This is a huge disaster waiting to happen~! Even though we agree that this is too many animals, they were not willing to give any of them up and these dogs and cats appeared very content in their home and were very friendly and social.

A visit to the family was made, a very good discussion was had and our offer of assistance was accepted!!!!

Three days were spent on this project!

Day one: A list of every animal in the household was made, paperwork was filled out, labeled carriers were taken over the day before so that every cat would be in it’s carrier the morning of the surgery, so no one disappeared or was hiding.

Day two: 7 cats and 7 dogs were picked up at 6:30 am and loaded into the transport vehicle and taken to All About Animals in Warren. The dogs were also vaccinated, flea treated and had their nails trimmed. Volunteers went back to the home thatday and flea treated the remaining fixed animals and cut theother two dogs nails. The transport vehicle went back to pick all the dogs up at 5:00 pm. The cats were being kept overnight to recover. Transport van made it back to the house at 6:30 pm and all of the dogs were very happy to be home, paperwork, aftercare and instructions were given.

Day three: Transport van went back to All About Animals Warren to pick up the cats and they were all transported back home.

Several of the cats and dogs had uterus infections and needed antibiotics, so the timing of this project was crucial! Others were in heat and would have become pregnant any day. We could have potentially had ten pregnant dogs and cats in this household had ACN not intervened.

Many people with multiple household pets can be very difficult and argumentative about getting the dogs and cats spayed and neutered but this family was all for it, just didn’t realize that their was help out there for this many!!!

This family had never asked for help before, so we rewarded them with their good decision to spay and neuter by giving them several big bags of dog and cat food and referring them to our amazing groomer…Kim Montgomery from Goober P’s.

What a job this was, but very well worth all the time and effort!!!

Thank you to all the volunteers involved in this effort and a big thank you to All About Animals for giving these guys wonderful care and spay neuter services while at their facility!

A job well done!!!!

February 16, 2014 PicMonkey Collage

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