February 1, 2014: Great Animal Care Network Doghouse Deliver Day

A big thank you to Aaron Jordan who built five heavy duty insulated dogs houses for his Eagle Scout project!!

Also a big thanks the Corporate Auto Resources team in Auburn Hills for making this delivery possible!

These dog houses were delivered during the blizzard to some deserving pet owners and their dogs! What a day! Amazingly none of us got stuck, but the team did help push out some other people!

The team consisted of our friends at Corporate Auto Resources, Scout Aaron Jordan and his mom Rochelle and volunteers Mike and Angel.

We caravaned through the streets from location to location and set up these dog houses, filled them with straw and left each owner with bags of dog food. All of the dogs selected for the houses were previously spayed and neutered through the ACN spay neuter program!

We are not by any means encouraging pet owners to keep their dogs outside, these dog houses were provided to replace broken dog houses or for shelter while the dogs are outside during the day.

When you work with a great group of people toward a common goal, it makes the project even more meaningful and exciting!

Thanks team!!! Great work and great attitudes during very bad weather and treacherous conditions.

Oakland Press article:  http://michigananimaladoptionnetwork.org/about-us/press-archives/2014-press-archives/animal-care-network-local-boy-scout-donate-doghouses-for-pets-in-need-february-1-2014/

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