December 4, 2014: Rescue dogs Spay Neuter Program

Sadly in our target area many dogs are abandoned or “let go” when people don’t want them anymore.

David noticed this skinny pit bull tied to a post at a local park.  Of course he just assumed that someone owned her that was at the park, but the next day when the park was empty and the dog was still there, he went to her rescue.

David called the ACN, wanting to get her vaccinated and spayed as soon as she gained some weight!! What a great guy.

Baby fit into his home immediately and not only did we get Baby fixed, but his girlfriend Jessica wanted in on the program to get her adorable short-legged friend Johnson fixed as well.

Thanks to your donations and a private spay neuter grant we were able to get these two dogs fixed and vaccinated for a discounted price!  Word spreads, because the following week we got Jessica’s mother dog neutered as well!!

Great job David and Jessica.  If everyone spread the word about spay neuter and local spay neuter clinics and programs imagine how many more animals would get fixed!!!

Rescue dog spay neuter

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