December 30, 2014: Missing Cindy and Ken at Christmas Time

Cindy Merz and Ken Snow are spending Christmas in Heaven this year They left us with fond memories we will cherish ever so dear.

Their contributions on this earth were endless
Much of their time was spent on others, they were so selfless

Many of our other family and friends are up there too
Along with some aunts and uncles and a cousin or two
They made that Heavenly trip and left us here on earth
To carry on their in their memory and praise their birth

We miss their love and companionship that was theirs and ours
We miss them especially at Christmas time during the quiet hours
Spending Christmas in Heaven is where they will be
I guess God missed them too and wanted their company

To all of our dearly departed loved ones, we miss you!
Until we meet again, you will be in our thoughts and hearts too!

Cindy and ken collage


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