December 29, 2014: ACN Weekend Runs

As you can see the Animal Care Network teams take every address very seriously. The dog is approached very carefully if it is a new address, the team assesses the situation and them moves into action. The owners are contacted and spoken to and educated if they are home, many times the team makes the owner come into the backyard to see exactly what the problems are.

If the dog is not wanted or rescue is needed, the team will offer to take the dog. The volunteers would like to rescue every single dog that lives outdoors, but as we all know that is not always possible.

If the doghouses are not on a pallet that is done, if the doghouse needs repair that is done, the doghouses are stuffed full of straw while the dog is kept busy with a nice bowl of food and a fresh bowl of water. Collars and chains are checked and new ones given if needed. Straw is also spread around the area to protect the dogs feet on the snow and ice and also to soak up the mud when it is wet out. New bowls are given if needed and something chewy and yummy is always hidden in the doghouse for later!

The owner is talked to and educated about bringing the dogs in, they are also talked to about spaying and neutering if this has not already been done, and the importance of vaccines.

Literature is passed out at every single address regarding the weather, spay neuter, food assistance, parvovirus, local clinic information, grooming information and other issues and resources.

Oh and did we forget the most important part, showing the dog some very much needed love and attention!

This is a very serious, important, organized program that we all take seriously for the sake of the animals!!!

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