December 25, 2014: Thank You to Betsy Barnes for Doghouses

A very big thank you to our friend and supporter Betsy Barnes for purchasing and donating TEN brand new, awesome doghouses for our community outreach program!!

This is such a wonderful donation and we have already delivered some of them to needy dogs in the community!!

All of the dogs that will receive these doghouses will be spayed and neutered through our program before they receive their new houses!

Poor Lilly had a doghouse with a broken roof, this is certainly NOT going to keep any dogs warm and dry!

The ACN had her spayed and vaccinated and she was presented with a brand new doghouse.

Thank you so much Betsy, we are very grateful for this donation!

**The Animal Care Network does not condone dogs and cats living outside during any time of the year, but many animals do, so we must make their lives warmer and comfortable!  We encourage everyone to bring their dogs inside, especially during the cold weather!

Thank you to betsy barnes for doghouses

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