December 23, 2014: Spay Neuter Transport

Many pet owners in our target area either do not have transportation, do not drive or cannot leave the house for various reasons, that is why transport assistance is critical.

The Animal Care Network provides transportation to anyone that cannot get their pets to the veterinarian!

This means up at 5:00 am for dog and cat pick up and delivery to the vet and then pick up again at 5:00 pm to take the animals back home, or pick up in the morning depending on which veterinarian we use.  Some days we even go to three different vets with animals.  We are “driven” to do whatever it takes to get these animals fixed!

Here are some happy recipients!!  These pet owners are so very grateful, many are homebound and it really takes a load off of their mind when we offer not only financial assistance but transportation assistance as well!

After a long day and many miles, happy faces and fixed dogs and cats is very rewarding!!!

Please donate gas cards to our spay neuter transport program, and you will be directly making a positive impact!!!

The Animal Care Network desperately needs gas cards for the Pontiac and Inkster programs!!!

spay neuter transport december 7 2014

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