December 23, 2014: A Big Thank You to Detroit Dog Rescue

A big thank you to Kristina and Detroit Dog Rescue for sharing two truck loads of dog food and other miscellaneous items donated to our Pontiac and Inkster community outreach programs.

The Animal Care Network assists hundreds of pet owners in our target area EVERY SINGLE WEEK and without generosity from our friends at other groups, this would not be possible!

Also thank you to the Tompor crew at Corporate Auto Resources for picking up the food, delivering it and loading and unloading it!

Brad, Tony, Kylo, John, Curtis and Frankie thank you guys so much for being available and for your continued help and volunteerism!

FYI, yes once again FRANKIE  has won the “how many bags of dog food can you carry at one time” contest!  Go Frankie, you are still unbeaten!

Seriously, thank you so much Kristina and Detroit Dog Rescue!!!!

We truly appreciate your generosity and support of our program!

 thank you detroit dog rescue


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