December 22, 2014: Cat and Dog Rescue From Flea Infestation – Peaches the dog Part 2

The ACN received a call about a dog and some cats in very bad shape.  The caller was concerned about their welfare and wanted to remain anonymous.

The Animal Care Network had had the dog and the cats spayed and neutered a year earlier and they were treated for fleas at that time. The owner was told very sternly by the veterinary clinic and our volunteers that the dog and the cats ALL needed to be treated monthly for fleas or it would become dangerous, even deadly.

This family moved and we lost track of them until the complaint call came in…we sent our volunteer Sue to check the situation out.  She spoke with the owner for nearly an hour trying to persuade her to give up the dog and the cats….after much debate and persuasionSue was able to get Peaches the dog and one cat, Sweet Pea, surrendered, these two were in the worst shape, in desperate condition. 

This is the condition of Peaches the dogthis is the severity of the flea infestation, and this is the reality of what can happen to dogs and cats living in a flea infested environment when no action is taken.  Her skin was swollen, red, bleeding and raw and she was anemic and very lethargic.  

God Bless our Sue, Angie and Dawn for working on this amazing cat and dog for days to tackle the flea situation. It was unbelievably horribly nasty and beyond comprehension the condition that Sweet Pea and Peaches were in. 

The owner was told for over a year about the flea situation and the skin condition that follows, multiple volunteers talked to them, multiple volunteers kindly educated them, informational packets were given on the issue and resources to treat the animals.

Please remember, our volunteers cannot force people to surrender their animals.  The owner may have had good intentions but did not have the resources to treat and care for all these animals.

A big thank you to the Michigan Animal Rescue League for taking Peaches and Sweet Pea into their adoption program and nursing them back to health.  They were both adopted into wonderful homes!!!

cat dog flea infestation Peaches the dog part 2

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