December 2, 2014: Teresa and John, Cocoa and Snuggles

The Animal Care Network had Cocoa spayed for Teresa and John seven years ago, when she was seven years old.  Cocoa was having some female problems so having her spayed enabled her to live a longer life.  What a wonderful dog she was!!

Teresa and John lost Cocoa earlier this year at 14 years of age.  They were heartbroken bythe loss and couldn’t be without a dog friend, so they got Snuggles from a neighbor.  We recently help them get Snuggles spayed and vaccinated.

Teresa wrote to us:  “Enjoy your day, you have certainly been a guardian angel to all my pets.  Snuggles is doing great, God Bless you and your group”.

Teresa John Cocoa and snuggles

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