December 2, 2014: All or Nothing

When our group takes on an address we don’t want to do a little, we want to do a lot.  We don’t want to solve part of the problem, we want to solve ALL of the problem.

This address needed a lot of work, but in the end we got every single dog and cat in the household fixed and vaccinated thanks to your donations and a private spay neuter grant!!

Eight adorable, friendly small dogs and eight very nice cats!  All spayed and neutered.

We even had their family members dogs and cats fixed at the same time and were also able to rescue some of the kittens so they were not passed out unfixed!!

When we started on this address, there were two litters of kittens and not one animal was fixed. Imagine that mess that could have developed at this house! Could have been a disaster!

But thanks to great volunteers, education this got done. Transportation was also provided to make sure that EVERY SINGLE one of these dogs and cats got to the veterinarian for their appointments!

A lot of work, a lot of driving, a lot of gas…. but well worth it!

All or Nothing

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