December 18, 2014: Spay Neuter Food Assistance

The Animal Care Network has known many of the families in our target area for years, some twenty years.

Sharon and Don are one of those families.  They are handicapped and cannot get out often but love their dogs and cats.  They also firmly believe in spay and neuter.  They have lost some of their dogs and cats to old age over the years and since got two more dogs and a cat.  They immediately called the ACN for help getting them fixed.

We arranged for the two dogs and the cat to be transported to the veterinarian in the ACN rescue/transport van and also provided financial assistance through a spay neuter grant.

These dogs and cats all live in the house and have a doggy door to a fence in area when they have to go out.

Very good, appreciate people they are!  They don’t ask for very often, but if they ever need help with food they know they can call upon the Animal Care Network. When we brought the dogs and cat home from spay neuter we left them a big bag of dog and cat food and some treats!!

We are working magic in our little corner of the world!!

spay and neuter 2

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