December 18, 2014: Saying Goodbye to a Friend

The Animal Care Network would like to give our sincere sympathy and sadness to one of our very dear friends Kristie in the loss of her very much loved dog and companion “Boots” or “Bootsie” as some of us called her.

Boots was rescued from Pontiac over fourteen years ago and what a story she had…. too long to tell, but she came from a house in Pontiac that we were working on for many, many years along with the Michigan Animal Rescue League.  Boots was a product of the person trying to concoct a new breed, a combination of a Chow Chow and a Chihuahua, he would name the “Chow Chi”.  Boots was one of many dogs and puppies that were rescued from this address and were taken to MARL.  She was famous for her “smile” and Kristie fell in love with her and adopted her over fourteen years ago.

With a style of her own, Bootsie could really show her teeth and was one of the best smiling dogs we have ever met.

How ironic is it that fourteen years later while going through memories of Boots that her photograph was used in 2000 in an article the “The Power of the Dog”.  This truly says it all.

Rest in peace dear Boots, we will never forget your silly, nervous smile and we will always smile in your memory. What a golden life you ended up living with Kristie!

Kristie, our heartfelt condolences to you, we know how much you loved her, but take comfort in your many wonderful years with her, which many dogs never get to experience.

saying goodbye

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