December 17, 2014: Parvovirus

If you had the choice of paying ten or fifteen dollars to get your puppy or dog vaccinated or watching the puppy suffer and die a horrible death and spending hundreds, maybe thousands of dollar.. ..WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

 In our target area there are multiple resources and low-cost walk in clinics to get vaccines for your puppies and dogs.

The parvovirus is rampant in our target area and it is surely not slowing down in the cold weather.  It is not just affecting puppies….it is killing full size adult dogs.

All three of these guys were taken to the vet for care and still did not make it.  There were declining and suffering and each owner chose to have them humanely put to sleep to end their suffering.  Of course they had spent all their money on treatment so the ACN hadto help them with this sad task, thanks to compassionate local clinics and shelters that we work with.

Please….the parvovirus is deadly and contagious.

Please get your puppies and dogs vaccinated on schedule and on time!!!


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